Katherine West

County Commissioner

How long have you been in Girlguiding?

I have been in Girlguiding since 1984, when I was 7.

Describe your journey to being a county commissioner:

I have never left Guiding it has been constant through school, university and life. I love it, it is the foundation of my existence. I first met a county commissioner when I was 16 and I remember thinking ‘I want to do that one day’. I was division commissioner and when the opportunity for count commissioner came along, one of my friends nominated me, I was really chuffed that someone else thought I should have a go at doing it. Guiding brings friendship and so much to individuals, it is so amazing.

Anything that stands out, any proud achievements:

I have only been doing this role since Christmas. The region team are amazing and very supportive. I am so pleased to see so many units going back to face to face guiding.

What do you enjoy the most in your role?

Getting to know more leader, because all my Guiding has been in the same district since 1984. So it is really nice to get to know more people across the county.

What do you enjoy the most about representing your county?

I am fiercely proud of Suffolk, I am grateful to give something back to the place that gave me so much. This is because I got all my self confidence from guiding, not from school or anything else, it has been guiding. So to be able to give something back to the organisation that gave me so much when I was small, is amazing.