The Song Challenge – what you have to do

How to Earn your badge…

This Challenge badge is divided into 7 sections:-

6 Different Topic sections


To earn your badge you need to do the following:-

Rainbows & Brownies should choose at least 1 clause from every topic section. A total of 6 activities.

Guides should complete 1 clause from each topic section, plus 1 extra clause, to be chosen from FIND IT! A total of 7 activities.

Senior Section & Adult Members should complete 1 clause from each topic section, plus 2 extra clauses, to be chosen from FIND IT!, WEAR IT! Or EAT IT! A total of 9 activities.

Then everyone should hold an Evening to CELEBRATE IT!

It will probably take 3 to 4 meetings to complete the challenge.

Remember when playing music or singing any songs that are still in copyright, your meeting place must hold an up to date Public Performance Licence. ENJOY!


Abba are from Sweden, a large country in Northern Europe, with a population of around 9 million people. Sweden is a member country of WAGGGs (The World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts). In this topic section we hope you find out a little bit more about Sweden, where it is, what it looks like, & a little bit about its history & culture & also something about their Guides.


Rainbows – 1 Colour in a Swedish Flag & find where Sweden is on a map or globe.

2 Look at some pictures of Sweden, cities, countryside, etc. Does it look similar or different to the UK?

3 Play Swedish snap using photos of some Swedish wildlife.

4 Find out about Rainbows in Sweden, do they have a promise?


Brownies – 1 Make some mini Swedish Flags & play pin the flag on Sweden, using a map of Europe – who can get the closest?

2 Play Swedish snap using pictures of native Swedish wildlife & or famous Swedish people & places.

3 Play a Swedish game.

4 Find out about Brownies in Sweden, the law & promise.


Guides – 1 Make some mini Swedish Flags & play pin the flag on Stockholm, the Capital City. Find out about “Djurgarden” & “Gamla stan”.

2 Find out some interesting facts about Sweden/Abba/Swedish Guiding & challenge each other to a quiz, or design a board game using the information you have discovered.

3 Elk are a large, very common type of reindeer in Sweden. Design an elk motif that can be used to hold an elk version of a “Beetledrive”.

4 Find out about Guides in Sweden. What major change happened to it in 1960?

5 Play a Swedish Game.

SS & Adults – 1 Make some bunting, include the Swedish flag & Guide Trefoil in your designs.

2 Find out about “Skansen” & the “Vasa” to discover about Sweden’s & Stockholm’s cultural past.

3 Try learning the Guide Promise in Swedish, is it very different from ours?

4 Design a fun activity/game for Rainbows, Brownies or Guides, based around Guiding in Sweden.

5 Visit the Abba the Museum website, then Test your Abba knowledge & try a free, online speed quiz, or run an Abba quiz night at one of your meetings.



Abba wore some interesting & very different clothes during the 1970’s & 1980’s at the height of their fame. Guiding too has had several uniform changes through the years. Here’s your chance to find out some more & hopefully try something on too..

Rainbows – 1 Colour in a picture of someone in Swedish National Dress.

2 Have a dressing up session, old Rainbow uniforms or clothes from the 1970’s or 1980’s. If you can’t find original clothes, try to find similar items, using pictures to help you.

3 Try to recreate Abba stage outfits or Swedish Rainbow uniforms during a meeting.


Brownies – 1 Find out what Swedish Brownies wear & try to recreate their uniform during a meeting. Which do you prefer?

2 Hold a fashion parade using 1970’s style clothes & old Brownie uniforms.

3 Challenge each six to upcycle newspaper, bin bags etc into an outfit for Brownies of the future.


Guides – 1 Find out what Swedish Guides wear & try to recreate their uniform during a meeting.

2 Hold a fashion parade, using some 1970’s style clothes & old Guide uniforms.

3 Run a quiz about Guide uniforms or fashions through the ages, can you match the outfits to the year/decade/country?

4 Hold a patrol upcycle fashion design session.

5 Some countries in Europe have very strict rules on clothing labels for children. Look at the clothes you wear to Guides, how many have brand names & labels on them? How would you feel if they were removed?


SS & Adults – 1 Find out about Adult & Senior Section uniform through the ages, for both the UK & Sweden, try some UK items on if possible. Compare them with the current uniform.

2 Make up a game/quiz/activity to use with younger members about the uniform changes since 1910.

3 Hold a 70’s / 80’s make up session or try recreating old hairstyles.

4 Knitwear & Macrame were popular in the 70’s/80’s. Knit a useful item for yourself, e.g. leg warmers or long scarf or do something for charity, a hat for your local Seafarers Mission or mini hat for innocent smoothies (see resource sheet & weblinks). Or weave a macrame style bracelet or useful item.

5 Hold a balloon debate about children’s clothing, with some people for & against visible brand names, each person should represent a different age group. Who won? Did any interesting points get raised? Uniform perhaps?


Sweden has some very different traditional foods compared to the UK, due to the much colder climate. Fish & pickles form a large part of this, & wild meats, such as boar & reindeer.

Rainbows – 1 Try some traditional Swedish foods, cracker breads, rye bread, Swedish cheeses…what do you think?

2 Ginger biscuits are a traditional Swedish Xmas tree decoration. Decorate a biscuit with a Xmas theme or with the Swedish flag.


Brownies – 1 Try some traditional Swedish foods, cracker breads, rye bread, meatballs, pickled fish, lingon berries. Think about why their food is so different from ours, e.g. climate, & terrain.

2 Try cooking, or making, a traditional Swedish recipe, e.g. Xmas biscuit.


Guides – 1 Run a blind taste test session with some Swedish Foods – are you brave enough?

2 Try cooking, or making, a traditional Swedish recipe e.g. Xmas biscuit, rye bread or gravadlax.

3 Find out what a Smorgasbord is. Design your ultimate “Smorgasbord” & eat it at a meeting. (This could form part of your celebration night)

4 Test your outdoor cooking skills with a Swedish candle.


SS & Adults – 1 Be daring & try some of the more risqué Swedish foods, reindeer, boar, salted or pickled fish, pickled vegetables, fish roe, as well as the traditional style breads & cheeses.

2 Design your own “Smorgasbord”. Include some of your favourite foods & some Swedish dishes on the menu. Hold a, bring & share, Smorgasbord at a meeting.

3 Make & decorate some traditional biscuits/cakes & use them to fundraise for your badges or the GGFF.

4 How many Guiding friends can you feed outdoors using a Swedish candle?


Abba had some weird & sparkly costumes in the 1970’s & also some very trend setting figure hugging stage clothes too.

For this topic just choose the clause you like the sound of best.

1 Use your imagination to design a stage outfit for the Big Gig or Wellies & Wristbands, a costume that reflects the glitzy 1970’s & also Guiding. Your outfit shouldn’t look out of place at Wembley Arena or on the front cover of Guiding magazine.

Use your sectional colours, but glitter it up too!

Rainbows – Red & pale blue

Brownies – Brown & Yellow

Guides – Bright Blue & Red

Seniors – Grey & Aqua

Adults – French Navy, pale blue & white

Trefoil – Red & beige

Guides, Seniors & Adults could try & make up their designs. Does it stand up to the DANCE IT! Challenge?

2 Design a stage set or back cloth for the Big Gig or Wellies & Wristbands. Make it as simple or as complicated as you like – perhaps send your ideas into CHQ. It might even get made up.

Can you make it ecologically friendly? Use no materials at all? Let your imagination fly…..


Choose any of the clauses below, to become a Dancing Queen….

1 Watch some Abba videos – Choose your favourite song & make up your own dance routine to go with it.

2 Use a Wii or Xbox to follow an Abba dance routine. Hold a competition, which group, six, patrol, can get the highest score?

3 Invite an instructor to run an Aerobics/Zumba/Line/Other dance session, using Abba music to work out to.

4 Watch & Learn about traditional Swedish Folk Dances. Try having a go at dancing one.


Choose any of the clauses below, to test your singing skills….

1 Watch “The Way Old Friends Do” on You tube, even if you can’t catch the words just hum along, try & learn the tune & enjoy it.

2 Hold an Abba Karaoke night, invite new friends along too ….Are you brave enough to step up to the Microphone?

3 Have a sing-a-long session, pick your Unit’s favourite Abba songs & sing them. Discuss why you like particular songs.

4 Play “pick up song”. Start playing an Abba song, & sing along with it, then turn the sound down. How long can you continue singing for, with the right words, until the sound is turned up again? How close were you?

5 Find some Kazoos to play (or just hum) & challenge each other to a “Guess the Abba tune” game.

6 Listen to a Swedish Folk Song(s).Try singing along to one of them.


Hopefully you have all had fun completing the challenges so far, learning a bit more about Abba, Sweden & the Swedish Guide movement.

Here’s a chance for you to put together some of the things you’ve found out & have a fun night. Perhaps some of the clauses from the other sections, could be used as part of your celebration?

Below are some of our ideas, but if you’ve got a better one…GO For IT!

1 Hold a general fun Abba or Abba & Guiding themed night, dress up, play some Swedish games, eat some Swedish food, dance, sing & enjoy…perhaps finish the evening off by singing or humming TWOFD.

2 Hold a campfire singing session, as a Unit, District or larger? Perhaps sit round a Swedish candle? Or use several so everyone gets to make a smore? Sing as many Guiding songs from around the world as possible…try finishing off the evening with TWOFD & maybe make up some actions for it?

3 Hold an Abba film night, watch “Abba-The Movie” or “Mama Mia”.

4 Guides & Rangers could try planning & running a celebration for a local Rainbow Unit or Brownie Pack.

5 Run a Quiz night or “Elkdrive”. Challenge another local Unit to join you.

Whatever you do, we’d love to hear from you about how you got on with this challenge.

Please remember internet safety when downloading anything from the web & check your meeting place has a PPL. All rules on music copyright & how it affects Guiding, are on the Girlguiding UK website.

We hope to be able to share the new song with everyone soon.


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