Baden Powell Challenge Award

The Baden-Powell Challenge Award is the highest award a Guide can achieve. 

To start the Baden-Powell Challenge you need to have:

• made your Promise

• gained at least two Guide Challenge Badges

• gained at least two interest badges

This shows your commitment to guiding.

The Baden-Powell Challenge is divided into five zones, each containing lots of different clauses. You need to complete ten clauses in total. You should do one from each zone, then five more. These can come from any of the zones. Up to two of them can relate to Country/Region or Girlguiding initiatives. To find out more about the zones, see below!


To finish the Award you need to take part in a Baden-Powell Adventure. These are usually residential events organised by your County or Country/Region for all Guides in the area who are doing the Baden-Powell Challenge.These events are great fun and a fantastic way to meet new friends! Here are a couple of guides who went on an event last year:


“I enjoyed a wonderful Adventure weekend away with Guides. I made so many new friends, many of whom I’m still in touch with now. It was great to learn so much about different cultures and countries too. I particularly loved the Indian dance we made up and all the art and craft activities. Thank you for helping me to make fabulous memories to cherish.”
“On the Baden Powell adventure I enjoyed many of the activities and surprises which were in store for us at Stoke Ash. For example one of them was when we were woke up to Christmas which symbolised the Guide Centre in England, as well as, when we first woke up to the guide leaders with Mexican instruments in the night and then we did the conga which was amazing! However, most of all I enjoyed making and meeting new guides from different units. I am still in touch was some of them.”

You will find more information about the Baden-Powell Challenge in your G file.  To take part, please complete this form.  If you are a Leader, please read this letter.


More information on the Baden Powel Challenge badge

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